In collaboration with Who Targets Me, we monitored 584 political advertisers in Poland during the 2023 Polish parliamentary election to better understand how campaigns use different targeting methods made available by Meta. To do this, we used data from the Meta Ad Library, using the new โ€˜Audienceโ€™ data which gives some detail on how pages target their ads.

To better understand the election, we kept only advertisers who:

  1. Advertised in the last 7 days (Oct 8th - Oct 14th 2023)
  2. Advertised in the last 30 days (Sep 15th - Oct 14th 2023)

Meta only provides 7, 30 and 90 days windows for the targeting data in their Ad Library. Metaโ€™s data also lags by a few days. Report will be updated as soon as new data is available.

For Google platforms, data accessed via the Google Transparency Report provides spending on how much money was spent by parties. In order to fit the Meta ranges, we also show the last seven and 30 days.


The data shown in this dashboard is based on the platformโ€™s respective ad libraries which are known to be sometimes incomplete (Edelson et al. 2020; Silva et al. 2020). For this reason the data shown here might not reflect the full picture nor all political ads that were targeted at voters.

About the Creator of the Dashboard

Fabio Votta is a Postdoc at the University of Amsterdam who studies (online) political microtargeting and its usage around the world.

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Want to retrieve targeting data from the Facebook Ad Library yourself? This dashboard is powered by the R package: metatargetr. Check it out here:

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